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How Spott works

Shoppable content

At Spott, we preach the sentence ‘being able to go from inspiration to action by a snap of your fingers’ almost every hour – honestly it’s getting to be kind of a bother – but we did find THE way to do this. Spott’s interactive layer let’s you show product details and add ‘add to basket’ buttons for the products featured in your content. Upload your full product database and control the magic in the data dashboard. 

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Create add-to-basket link from content

All this content you’re putting out, might feel useless if it doesn’t convert consumers. Don’t make your customers search for the products featured. With this add-to-basket feature, viewers can click on the product shown, add it to their basket and keep enjoying the rest of the video or images.

Add your full product database

With one action you can add your full product database to the Spott database. You decide when and in what manner each asset pops up in the interactive layer on your content. Our visual search can also recommend what asset is featured when in your content and how long it is visible. We make it as easily as possible for you to give the right description at every second of your content. 

Understand which video is getting you results

The Spott software enables you to measure every interaction made with your video. How many times it has been clicked, how many times an item was added to a basket, bounce rates and more. You can check the metrics on all your content and see which video is getting you results and what video is best suited to sell a certain product.

Link to another product video

Not sure your specific product is represented enough in one video? Simply add another video with more detailed information on the object featured. No need to give a broad description underneath the video, when you simply can engage your viewers with another video one click away at the exact second the product is featured.

Publish to your website

Once you’ve finished adding the interactivity, you’ll only need to copy-paste a small code snippet and the interactive content will appear. From then on your viewers can easily check out any item they want. 

Key features