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Reach your target audience with interactive content

Competition between brands for attention is fiercer than ever, while audiences are getting harder and harder to reach.

Advertising is blocked, ignored or skipped. So how do you get your target audience to pay attention – and take action?

Discover how interactive and shoppable content can help you reach your goals by revolutionizing the way you communicate.

Interactive and shoppable on every platform

With solutions for pictures, video and TV you can provide a consistent interactive experience everywhere you communicate with your audience.

Increase viewer engagement by up to 2x, so you get more impact and a higher ROI.

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Data-driven decision making

Marketing budgets keep growing, but are you getting the right return on your investment? We provide you with the data you need to make informed decisions about your marketing strategy.

Learn more about who your audience is, what they are interested in and which content they care about, so you can communicate with them in the way that is most likely to convert them from inspiration to activation.

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“At IKEA we have chosen to work with Spott so consumers can interact in an innovative way with their favourite IKEA products. It’s a new way for us to communicate about IKEA, allowing consumers to recognise, find and buy IKEA items through TV ads and TV shows, thanks to Spott.”

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