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Make an impact with interactive and shoppable content

The content production model used to be simple – you create content that audiences want to watch, then show ads to earn money, which you use to produce more content. But when ads are blocked, skipped or ignored the whole system comes crashing down.

With interactive and shoppable content, create new revenue streams through partnerships and affiliate revenue. Increase the impact that your content has by lowering the barriers between inspiration and activation with a seamless shopping experience.

Discover how interactive and shoppable content can help you reach your goals by revolutionizing the way you communicate.

Interactive and shoppable on every platform

With solutions for pictures, video and TV you can provide a consistent interactive experience everywhere you communicate with your audience.

Interactivity is an option for all kinds of visual content, no matter whether you’re an influencer, vlogger or production company.

Increase viewer engagement by up to 2x, so you get more impact and a higher ROI.

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Data-driven decision making

By introducing brands to your audience you help them grow and sell their products or services – but exactly how much of an impact do you have? With the data dashboard you get clear insights into the value you generate, giving you the perfect sales tool.

You also get data about who your audience is, what they are interested in and which content they care about, so you can produce more of the content that resonates most strongly with them. This also provides you with insights into which partnerships fit best with what your audience is interested in, so are likely to produce the best results.

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“This month, vtwonen confirms its 360° strategy including an important milestone, the launch of its first interactive television show. Making digital content shoppable is one of the key objectives, besides the vtwonen magazine, webshop and inspirational website. Collaborating with Spott™ to make our content shoppable and interactive was the logical step to make.”

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