Create interactive content

with images, catalogues, videos and ads

Improve your results with interactivity

Inform clients better, engage them more, collect their data easier and sell products faster
Inform better
Add information and images in tooltips about a product or service
Engage more
Grow your audience on social with smart layers to your channels
Collect data
Collect user data with form and connect with your CRM
Sell faster
Sell more products with promotional layers that link to your shop

Our rewarded studio makes it easy

Add and customize interactive Spotts in no time, with our visual editor, no coding required!

Just select and customize the interactive Spotts

Save time and create professional looking interactions by customizing the Spotts from our  library.

Publish the interactive content in a few clicks

Share your interactive content in no time on socials or integrate it in your website.

Optimize and learn
based on real-time data

Improve the interactivity of your content based on data and insights that we deliver you in real time. 

ZEB increased their sales rate by 8%

with inspiring interactive content leading to  their online store

Large volumes or multiple brands?

 We have the tools to simplify your operational flows


Connect with your beloved CRM and content tools


Scale up product imports and large data sets in no time


Manage different brands and assign user rights