The DPG Media case

Interactive video ads achieving a +40% increase CTR

DPG Media has been using Spott to transform passive ads on their OTT and publishing platforms into interactive video ads. This with the goal to further improve ROI for advertisers by offering direct conversion on every asset. This lead to a dramatic increase of +40% on the CTRs of their ads.

DPG achieved a CTR increase of +40% on their ads using Spott Interactivity

About DPG Media

As a leading media company in the Benelux, DPG Media offers a range of solutions and channels to its advertisers. These go from traditional pre-rolls and mid-rolls to more sophisticated products like branded content and native ads.

DPG Media also produces its own TV shows. Their goal is to entertain and connect their viewers by offering inspiring and enlightening content.

We want to hand advertisers the means to also improve their activation and mid-funnel metrics. Spott’s interactive layers are very well suited to that. Adding buttons and interactive tags are a great way to increase activation in ads.

Quinten, Senior Business Development Manager at DPG Media Advertising

The challenge: passive viewing experience leading to suboptimal ads return

Why still offer passive content produced for a top of funnel channel like TV whilst direct conversion on those ads is perfectly possible within OTT and web?

The solution: maximise ads return by offering an interactive viewing experience
When realising what is technically possible, DPG media brought a whole new range of advertising formats to the market. All based on the logic of facilitating direct conversion by the consumer based on the inspiring content of the advertiser. DPG Media has been using Spott mainly in their video ads to increase activation and conversion rates. The elements in those interactive video ads allow viewers to interact and convert as soon as they see something that inspires them, whilst keeping them within the viewing experience.

Spott’s interactive layers are very well suited to that. Adding buttons and interactive tags are a great way to increase activation in advertisements.

Quinten, Senior Business Development Manager at DPG Media Advertising

Polestar used Spott to put all CTAs they use on their website within the ad from more info about the car to directly booking a test drive within the ad.

Samsung used Spott to produce top and right information blocks presenting need to know info about their new television + adding a CTA to an optimised landing page for direct conversion.

Aoste used Spott to boost the launch of a new line of healthy products. This by offering more relevant product information and offering a cashback.

L’Or Espresso used Spott allowing viewers to discover their best matching coffee flavour combined with a discount of -20% boosting direct conversion.

JBC used Spott to present a new line of cycling gear and immediately allowing direct conversion from out the ad.

Drumrolls: the results so far

When DPG Media started with interactivity, numerous A/B tests were run to measure the performance between interactive video ads and regular ads. Traditional ads featured one call-to-action, whereas interactive ads had that same CTA as well as multiple interactive tags. These tags can range from offering more information, invites to follow social media channels, sampling/couponing, newsletter subscriptions, booking test drives to actual direct purchases.
For every A/B test, DPG Media measured 25% to 40% higher click-through rates on interactive video ads compared to traditional ads.
DPG Media also noticed that interactivity increased the clicks registered on the traditional CTAs. Campaigns saw a complimentary increase of 26% in clicks registered on the regular CTA.
Thanks to the remarkable results of interactive video ads, DPG Media has been able to offer stronger advertising solutions to their clients, and consequently further strengthen their position as one of the best performing online advertising platforms in the market.

What’s next for DPG Media?

Next to using the Spott interactive technology in more advertisement formats and with different types of interactivity, DPG Media has several innovative plans prepared to apply interactivity.
One of those is the development of a Design Studio that will allow clients to create complete ad campaigns and creatives on the same platform. An important component will be Spott’s technology, allowing advertisers and their agencies to immediately produce their interactive video ads in the Studio itself.
Stay tuned for more!

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