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Colruyt Results

“ Spott is a fast-learning and reactive start-up with qualitative customer success management. The Spott technology is the perfect match with our next-level content generation expectations and triggered innovation on our side. “

Davy Vigneron, Conversion & Customer Experience Manager at ColliShop

About Colruyt

Colruyt Group is one of the major players in Belgian retail. Colruyt Group is a Belgian family business which, over three generations, has grown into a retail group with nearly 33,000 workers, active in three countries. And the group still has the strengths of a family business, such as passion, expertise, simplicity and efficiency.

The Challenge

Colruyt tested the Spot technology with the intention of shortening the customer purchase path and increasing customer engagement, orders, conversions and average order value.

Using our interactive software to easily put interactive layers on top of existing content, create new content tailored for interactivity and use our interactive software on user-generated content. 

They also use our platform for what they call “life-hacks”. These are tips & tricks that can be used daily. In these interactive videos, they explain the helpful tips but also promote a product, while using an interactive layer. You can check the example below. 

Next to the life-hacks, they use interactive videos for their marketing and communication around special days, for example, the world picnic day. You can click on the displayed products and land on the specific product page and afterward add them to your basket. You can even hover above the newsletter icon and directly subscribe to it.

Recently they used our new add-to-cart feature on their website
Colruyt achieved spectacular results by adding this cart layer on their media. On this specific webpage, they generated an average click-through rate of 62,7% in one month.

Website visitors can easily choose the products they want to buy, put them all into the cart, and then pay for them in one shot when they get to the checkout page. 

The Spott Magic for Colruyt

For evaluating the benefits of the use of our Spott platform. Collishop organized an AB test. This test has the goal to measure the impact of our Spott software. These were their conclusions: 

  • 99% of website visitors evaluated Spott interactivity content as “very useful”!
  • +19% average order value on tailor-made content!
  • +20% Increase in orders with Spott!


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