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Increased Revenue for Ecommerce

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About ZEB

ZEB is a multi-brand fashion store in Benelux. They do not want to ‘just’ sell fashion but want their clients to be inspired and evolve their style.

ZEB aims to inspire and compose the favorite look for everyone, as they are serving a very diverse audience. This translates into an amazing shopping experience that includes personal- and private shopping in easily accessible stores.

For online, this means publishing a lot of inspirational content and allowing people to instantly convert during inspiration moments. To achieve such a user experience, they needed to transform their content into interactive images, catalogs, and videos.

The Spott Magic for ZEB

Originally, the website of ZEB was an extension of the physical stores and served mainly to show certain products and inspire customers, like an online flyer.

As the world shifted more and more online, ZEB realized that they needed an online focus and started considering the website as a true online sales channel. 

However, by then their brick-and-mortar stores had evolved a lot already and were designed to make shopping a seamless and smooth experience. 

Their stores were using smart technology, such as interactive screens and mirrors, customers were able to order any product directly from their fitting room in case they couldn’t find their size or desired color. To put it in another way the physical store is a journey of well-timed inspiration, service, and conversion. 

Customers now expect this kind of experience from ZEB, a website that allowed online shopping would reflect this.
To achieve that instant conversion during the inspiration, ZEB teamed up with Spott.

They developed and tested out different (interactivity) designs to align the best content experience for the user with the most optimal ROI.

The impact

88,65% of all viewers interact with the inspirational content of ZEB

Of these engaged customers, 7,82% clicked on at least one of the products to add to their cart. Compared to average CTRs of 2% or 3% on static content.

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