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While car sales declined earlier this year due to the pandemic, demand is on the rise again. According to a CarGurus survey, some consumers who previously relied on ride-sharing and public transportation are planning to buy a car sometime this year. Others are looking forward to treating themselves to a new car as the pace of economic activity continues to rise. The car industry must be ready to reach these new customers. Next to the car industry, the car advertising market has to be ready!
When advertising for a specific automotive brand, interactivity can boost your results, more lead generation and a higher CTR on your ads. In this article we will give you some inspiring examples of car advertising while using interactivity through our Spott software.

1. Book a test-drive

When publishing an ad about a specific car you want to promote. The video itself has to be engaging of course. It has to be well-edited and give a feeling to the potential customer that he’s eager to learn more about the car and wants to explore it. What better way to explore a car than instantaneously book a test drive within an online ad.
Polestar did this!
They used Spott to put all CTAs they use on their website within the ad from more info about the car to directly booking a test drive within the ad. This led to an overwhelming increase of 40% CTR on those ads: car advertising at its finest, while using interactivity!

2. Learn more about the features of the car

A key element for car advertising is that you highlight the features of your car, that differentiate your car from the competitors’ cars.
What person will buy a car if they can’t compare the different features with other potential cars?
Kia made an awesome interactive car ad where you can immediately click on “discover more”. This option guides you to their webpage where all the features can be found. In their online car configurator, you can even start to customize your car for your own needs.

3. Download the brochure instantaneously

Brochures are the “old” techniques used in the past. But combining the old with the new is always a plus. Renault can testify to that. They use interactive online car advertising where you can immediately download the brochure of the displayed car.
This gives the potential client such an advantage, the brochure is just one click away. This way the prospect can read the full brochure whenever he feels too, because it’s already downloaded on his personal device.

4. Link to promotional events while using interactivity

Everyone likes a promo on a product, right?
In the car advertising market, it’s the same way. A discount triggers the potential customer to do a certain kind of action. Kia made a beautiful interactive car advertisement where they linked their promo page of the yearly car show, in Belgium. All car manufacturers are giving out big discounts at that time of the year. But Kia uses an excellent strategy by linking the discounts into their beautiful online advertisement. You can check the example below.

5. Immediately ask for a price offer

When watching a car advertisement online, you’re immediately triggered by the specific car. You want to know how much it costs, no? Say no more, BMW did this while using our interactive video software: Spott.
Next to the option of asking for a test drive and the email reminder. They opt-in for making a link where the request for a proposal is one click away. Let the example inspire you and think about all the different possibilities of interactivity in the car advertising market!
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