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Is an interactive video software, that helps you create a clickable video, the future of ecommerce?
From viewer fatigue to banner blindness, ad click-through rates are at an all-time low as consumers become more accustomed to digital advertisements.
Many ecommerce brands are struggling to maintain positive ROI on ad spend, having to consistently innovate to maintain click-through rates.
But it’s not all doom-and-gloom.
Whether you’re running Google Ads campaigns, social, or trying to generate and convert more quality inbound traffic, interactive content like clickable video might just be the solution.
But to understand that, we need to step back and consider what world we’re living in…

A new buyer's market (Or: Why interactive video software is the key)

For years now, brands have been adapting to the paradigm shift caused by the move to digital purchasing that is the new buyer’s market.
It’s easy to forget that and to focus entirely on how you’re reaching out to your prospects through direct marketing campaigns like search and social ads.
Consumers have more power over the buying process than ever before, with that power only growing by the day, and the only way ecommerce brands are going to continue to win at scale will be to lean into this fact.
That’s where interactive content like clickable video comes in.
With interactive video content, you can engage consumers in a way you never could, by giving them the ability to take the next step in their journey seamlessly.
Clickable video tech also gives customers a way of exploring the things that are most interesting and relevant to them– and skip the rest.
It makes them feel more like they’re a part of the process rather than being sold to, which makes them feel empowered.
Before we dive any deeper, though, let’s look at some concrete examples.

3 Ways to boost your Ecommerce lead gen with an interactive video software

It can be difficult to visualize how interactive video content can help your ecommerce lead generation if you haven’t seen many examples of it yet.
So, let’s look at some of the things you can do to give you an idea.
The truth is that while most marketing teams are looking to use more interactive content, as much as 88% of respondents according to one DemandGen Report, how to best implement it is another story.
The same report found that of that 88% of marketers who were planning to use more interactive content, only 18% were confident in the effectiveness of their campaigns.
So, let’s remedy that.
Here are 3 effective ways you can use an interactive video platform to increase your ecommerce lead gen and boost sales:

1. In-content email conversion

One simple but effective way you can add clickable interactivity to your videos is by adding an email sign-up button.
For example, at precisely the right moment you can have an email icon pop up on a corner of the screen that prompts clicks to sign up to your newsletter for discounts, latest announcements, and more:
interactive video software
This is a simple but effective way to better engage visitors and prospects because they’re reaching outright as they’re engaging with your content.
The timing is key.

2. Shop the Look

Taking things a step further, you can use Spott’s interactive video software features to add “shop the look” style functionality to your videos.
Whether you sell clothing, bikes, hardware, or cooking products, you can add convenient add-to-cart buttons within your video content as clickable elements.
Like this:
In just two clicks the prospect can go from watching to checking out.
But what’s even better is that with this feature, they can add the product to their cart and continue watching the video. This way the buying process is shortened.
They can then add additional items to their cart as they watch without ever leaving the video.

3. Click to download

Similarly, if your video centers around an entire fashion or other product lines (especially B2B), you can go a different route and use a clickable CTA that prompts the viewer to download or go to an online catalog. This works very well for car advertising too.
By using a CTA, you can directly download the brochure with all the features of a potential car.
Like this:
Instead of making them search for the product line on your website after the video, they can immediately jump to that new collection, significantly reducing friction to buy in the process.

Improve your Ecommerce lead gen with interactive video software

Interactive video software, such as clickable videos, is the future because they empower the consumer in a way that’s never been possible and lean in the direction of the market.
By using the features we covered above, you can boost your digital and social ad campaigns, and even your native marketing, in multiple ways.
As a result, you’ll get customers to engage with your brand more while improving your lead generation and sales in the process.

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