Client success story: Belmodo, making fashion and beauty interactive

Belmodo is a creative agency with expertise in fashion, beauty and lifestyle media, influencer marketing and content creation. Belmodo was founded 10 years ago by fashion influencer, Tiany Kiriloff (@Belmodotiany). With it’s own online magazine,, Belmodo is highly influential among their specific target market of 25-45 year old women. Around 94% of visitors to Belmodo’s website live in Belgium.

We interviewed Belmodo’s Commercial Director Robyn Bernhad to find out the story behind their digital marketing success.

Q: How is digital publishing changing?

The way our audience consumes content has evolved. They are using smartphones more and they use them when they’re out and about – shopping, travelling or waiting in line at the coffee bar. That means content has to be easy to consume and highly engaging. Video content is becoming more and more important to us.

We are also finding that visitors are coming to the site more frequently but spending less time on each visit. So we have to capture their attention quickly. Video and interactive pictures are perfect for that.

Our audience is very forward-thinking. They like new things and they expect their online experience to be flawless. For example, if they read about the latest bikinis for the holiday season, we need to inspire them and make the process as frictionless as possible with interactive pictures, so they can go straight to the webshop and buy the one that catches their eye. We know from our research that our visitors find this type of content most useful.

The distribution channels will evolve but creating relevant content will always be what we’re about. Our audience are currently massive Instagram fans for example, and Instagram TV will be an important channel for us, so we’re focusing very hard on video. We have to be in the places they are.

Q: Why is interactive content so important to Belmodo?

Our target group is hyperactive online and it’s not easy to keep their attention. However, our research suggests they love the interactive content. They find it more entertaining and relevant. We also know that they lead busy lives. So anything we can do to make it faster and easier for them to shop, based on the inspiration they find on Belmodo, is great.

Creating great content is the backbone of every publisher. But measuring the impact of editorial on audiences has always been difficult. Now, with’s dashboard, we can see exactly what content works best.

We monitor this constantly. We want to grow in relevance with our audience and this is an ongoing learning process.

Q: What feedback have you had from your brand partners?

Getting clear insights into what type of content and products resonate with our audience helps us offer more effective content marketing. We share our dashboard figures with our brand partners and advise them on what type of editorial is really capturing the attention of our visitors. That helps them make more informed decisions about where to spend their marketing budget.

For example, if we post an interactive picture featuring five fashion products, we can go back to the advertiser on a regular basis and advise them which items are getting the highest engagement and conversion rates. That gives them the opportunity to grow in relevance, even in the middle of a campaign, and results in campaigns that are more effective and tailored to our audience.

Q: How is working with helping your social media marketing campaigns?

We have built relationships with the key influencers in Belgium and we specialise in finding the best match for each brand and campaign. The fact that our influencers are now also starting to use the dashboard is giving us more insights. We welcome this, as it means we can also help our influencers grow stronger and be more relevant – which means better campaign results for our brand partners.

Thank you, Robyn. We’d love to hear your thoughts about the future of digital publishing and answer any questions you have about interactive and shoppable content.

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