How to publish as ads

The Basics: Getting Started

Written by

Wouter Storme

Wouter Storme

You can transform your interactive content into an interactive advertisement for the Google Display Network with 1 interactive link added to your content. 

3 steps:

1. Connect your Google account with Spott

  • Go to the integrations page
  • Connect your Google account

2. Customize the options

spott customize options
  • Link: Page URL to where you forward people who click on the interaction
  • Carrousel: shows the products in your ad
  • Size: select the same size of the ads you need
  • Download: download the ads to add them manually to the Google display network

3. Publish on Google display network directly

Select to which ad account, campaign, and ad group you want to add the interactive ad. I will then automatically be sent to Google ads manager, ready to be published and attract new clients.