How to publish as DV360

The Basics: Getting Started

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Wouter Storme

Wouter Storme

Google DV360 (image only)

You can transform your interactive content into an interactive advertisement for the Google DV 360 Network. The advantage to use this network is that you can add multiple links to your content instead of one. The downside is that you need to start with a 10K budget for advertising spent. 

How to create a Google DV360 ad?

  1. Connect your Google account with Spott
    1. Go to the interactions page
    2. Connect your Google account
spott integration page

What can you customize?

spott customization
  • Size: The dimensions for your content
  • Carousel: preview your content
  • Export: Download your ad as a ZIP file ready for uploading in google DV360 network

Google DV360 (Video)

If you want to do this for a video you can use the vast/vpaid tagg. learn more