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Interactive facebook post

Does Spott work on Facebook? It certainly does, read why you should use an interactive Facebook post and how it can help you grow your revenue. So you can make an inspiring, interactive Facebook post as the one below!

Why post on Facebook as a company?

With over a billion daily active users on Facebook alone, it’s no wonder that smaller businesses and big companies are increasingly turning to social media to help them expand. Incorporating Facebook advertising into any business’s marketing plan has various advantages such as:

  • Understanding your target audience, 
  • Relationship building, 
  • Increasing your Google rankings, 
  • Developing the reputation of your Brand
  • Maintaining and expanding participation
  • Promoting special bargains or activities
  • Giving social proof
  • Increasing ad efficiency
  • Getting your company’s name out there


The most important part is the content you post on Facebook. Content is the first thing that draws people to social media platforms. If we publish useful content with appealing photographs, we will receive a larger number of leads and interactions.


Aside from content, including a call to action in your post is essential. A good marketing strategy is one that converts leads into sales.

A call-to-action, or CTA, pushes website visitors to complete a specified task, buy a specific product or visit a certain website. What better way to embed your CTA into your content than creating an interactive Facebook post using our Spott magic?

Why create an Interactive Facebook Post?

In today’s competitive and overcrowded industry, creating interactive content that actively engages the viewer is critical. When it comes to establishing a business and building an audience, you need to uncover the best strategies to increase client satisfaction through interactivity.

The best way to ensure a lot of eyeballs are focusing on your interactive facebook post is: to make a vertical video compatible with your mobile device, such as the inspiring example above.  

Users using desktop and mobile accounts for 16.7% of all users, whereas desktop-only users account for only 1.5%. 98.5% or 2.8 billion of Facebook’s 2.85 billion monthly active users use the site via mobile devices such as phones and tablets. 81.8% or 2.33 billion people visit Facebook only through mobile phones.
Thus mobile compatibility is very important when making an interactive facebook post.

Our interactive software: Spott allows you to create an interactive Facebook post. This post is part of a post-click experience. A post-click experience means that an in-app browser opens when clicking on a specific photo or video, the interactivity is behind the content. This is especially crucial in the case of eCommerce as some of our clients are top-tier Ecommerce businesses (read a use case here).

Of course, you’re wondering, “Why not use Facebook Shop instead?”

The explanation is pretty straightforward: our interactive software makes the process more fluid and efficient. If you click on a native Facebook Shop post/ad, more clicks are needed for finalizing your sales and ordering your product, on the customer side. 

When clicking on an interactive Facebook post with our Spott magic: an in-app browser opens and you can directly add a product you desire to your cart. Interesting in learning more about interactivity on Facebook?

Check out the step-by-step guide on our helpdesk page.

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