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Customer Relationship Management

What is CRM all about?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a method that companies use to control interactions with customers and potential leads. CRM helps enterprises facilitate processes, build customer relationships, increase sales, improve customer service and increase profitability.  

Customer relationship management (CRM) software has come a long way since we began experimenting with it in the 15 or so years. Today’s CRM systems are remarkably multi-purpose because of strong competitive forces. They have become a relatively cost-effective investment for enterprises of all sizes.

Nowadays lead generation is key to having a successful marketing strategy. But most importantly, transforming those leads into sales and keeping those sales constantly engaged is a thousand times more important! 

That’s when a Customer Relationship Management software comes in handy!

Why you should care - boosting your Lead Generation

Being successful in marketing is not about making a new sale, but about acquiring (& keeping) new clients. That way, you secure any future sales of that same client. 

Spott’s goal in general is to make sure you never have to settle for eyeballs as ROI on your content. One way to increase that ROI is to make sure you incorporate our lead generation templates into your interactivity.

The easiest way to set this up is to select ‘iframe’ as a click action (more info about Iframes can be found here), and then add the URL of your CRM form. Another option is to work with our CRM-specific forms: connect your CRM to your Spott account and you can fully control how you want to set up your lead generation.

As a final must, make sure you add UTMs to your product URLs, that way you can retarget any prospect who has interacted with your content on other platforms (more info on retargeting can be found here).

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Agiled CRM

Agiled is an integrated white-label platform that consolidates and streamlines all your business operations.
This specific CRM software manages all of your different processes and makes it easy to handle customers and leads with a personalized customer portal for each customer.

You can add customers and leads in no time, thanks to the the built-in CRM. Nevertheless it also offers the function to quickly import them through Agiled’s integrations with other CRMs. You can even create multiple sales pipelines directly from Agiled’s CRM.

Agiled is compatible with HubSpot, SendFox, Asana, Plutio, Active Campaign, Freedcamp, Freshbooks, Xero, Quickbooks, Zoom, Mailshake, and more.
Furthermore the platform even integrates Zapier, custom webhooks and API, and Integromat integration, plus endless custom fields for accounts and contacts to store all your lead data in one place. 

To sum up with Agiled, you’re getting a comprehensive business management solution that lets your company run smoothly without ever switching tools.

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Inbox CRM

INBOX is an email marketing tool designed specifically for content creators that lets you compose and send unlimited customized, eye-catching emails. As well as all the tools that play a vital role in email marketing can be used.
For example marketing automation and HTML editor, are all integrated within INBOX at no additional cost. 

In particular you can automate your email campaign workflows and A/B split test emails to improve campaigns.

This CRM software complies with all legislation like GDPR, CASL, CCPA and others. You don’t have to be an expert in coding when using INBOX. In other words, it offers a very intuitive user-friendly interface and a drag-and-drop design tool.

To sum up, create an account and send out different email campaigns within minutes!


Samdock CRM

Samdock is one of the simplest CRM tool for sales and customer management. It is characterized by an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. A very simple pricing model, without any overwhelming and useless features. In addition, the dashboard is clean and the UI is very smooth and intuitive.

When you use the software for the first time it’s out-of-the-box ready for use! It complies to all legislations, like GDPR. This CRM tool is created specifically for small businesses to manage leads, customers, and tasks in a structured and efficient manner. Also you can already link Samdock to more than 3000 tools through their Zapier integration.

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Stackby CRM

Stackby is an organizational CRM tool that allows you to create your own company-specific work management platform with customizable spreadsheet-style databases and business APIs.

Within Stackby you can build your own personalized database from scratch to finish. The possibility to import data from sources like spreadsheets or google sheets is available. In fact, this CRM tool also has the option to choose from ver 150+ pre-built templates across multiple categories to start sorting the right way, right away. Furthermore you can add formulas for automated computation, bring in attachments from your computer or cloud storage, or reference data from a different table altogether via lookup.

In the meantime you can link records between tables to define relationships, count and aggregate data from your columns, or try any combination of more than 25+ unique column types available on Stackby.

You can link your columns to popular third-party APIs like YouTube, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Ahrefs, Moz, Search Console,, Clearbit, and Mailchimp.

From there, just let Stackby pull the desired information automatically via over 100 pre-built API functions across 40 no-code connectors.

Stackby offers a solution to the struggle to keep your important data sorted, categorized, accurate, and shareable.

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LeadPal CRM

Leadpal is a CRM software that manages all your leads in one place. They automatically bring all your leads into a single software platform. 

Use LeadPal To Generate email Leads from: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, Yahoo, Apple, Google & Microsoft. You can connect and sync those leads with major email marketing tools like: GetResponse, Aweber, Constant Contact, Convertkit, Sendlane, Mailchimp, Zapier/Webhook, HTML form and more.

The leads you acquire are top-quality and 100% verified email addresses, which means more opens, clicks, and sales.

With LeadPal, people won’t need to type a thing; they’ll simply grant you access to their existing credentials. This way there’s an elimination of false identities since social networks authenticate these email addresses already.

According to LeadPal you get 72% more opt-in rate and higher engagement.


ConvergeHub CRM

Convergehub is an all-in-one CRM platform for sales, marketing, support and billing. Take sales, marketing, support, and billing, and roll them all into one convenient package that helps grow your business faster with less work!

Secure, flexible, and scalable platform with full enterprise-ready features that are designed to expand as your business grows.

ConvergeHub helps you convert cold prospects to happy lifetime customers to brand advocates and beyond. Manage all customer information and activities from one place. 

This CRM platform simplifies the CRM process and integrates all of its extensive features into a clean and configurable Dashboard.

You’ll find an easy overview for new leads, closed deals, and upcoming tasks, along with options to add your sales pipeline, support cases, and ROI.

The dashboard comes pre-configured with a set of the most commonly used graphs, and you can create or delete as many as you like.

To conlude: Convergehub is a very powerful, feature-rich CRM that can help in managing and organizing your business.

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Clientjoy is a platform that combines leads, proposals, contracts, invoicing, and payments for a streamlined client lifecycle. This CRM software helps you control your leads way easier. When it comes to the sales funnel, simplicity is the key to success! Clientjoy will definitely help you with that! 

This platform is best suited for sales teams, accounting departments, and small agencies looking to manage their client lifecycle from one platform.

Within the Clientjoy CRM platform, you can import all client offers, sign contracts, and see detailed analytics for maximum utility. Analyze your analytics through their intuitive dashboard, where you have an overview of leads and conversion, as well as their sources. This CRM tool also lets you oversee all your client data from past deals to overdue invoices. 

Clientjoy combines the entire client journey from lead to invoicing in one platform, saving you both time and stress.

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Best CRM software of Market

1. Salesforce

Salesforce CRM

If you’re looking for the best CRM tool, Salesforce always comes to mind. 

It’s one of the best-in-class sales solution that has helped power the world’s best sales teams therefore it’s the number one CRM platform!

It helps to provide services to companies while keeping its clients satisfied. Salesforce helps other companies to keep their sales and client information up to date. You can start campaigns for different companies and deal with their customers, sales and business deals. By combining business processes, people, and technology, companies can drive sales and keep customers satisfied after the sale.

Firms of all sizes, industries, and geographies, realize value faster with Sales Cloud 360. Increase rep productivity with data-driven selling by quickly deploying industry-specific apps and best practice processes. You also get access to 150,000+ sales organizations and a 2 million user-strong community that are passionate about sales growth and will help you with every problem that comes up!

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2. NetSuite

NetSuite CRM

NetSuite offers a cloud-based CRM solution that provides a 360° view of your customers in real-time.

It contains all the functionalities like sales order, fulfillment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell, etc. This specific CTM software will facilitate your flow of information across the entire customer lifecycle. Starting from lead through opportunity, sales order, fulfillment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell and support.

This way your sales performance will get improved because of forecasting the option to upsell and commission management.

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3. Monday Sales CRM

Monday Sales CRM is a perfect solution for small to medium businesses. It’s a no-code fully-customizable CRM system built on top of Work OS.

All the sales processes and client communication can be found in one location. Starting from capturing leads, managing contact info, tracking deals or cooperating across departments Monday Sales CRM lets you control it all.
Leads, that were captured on other forms, can also be inserted automatically. will allow you to import the leads from various other tools too.

You can even automate your manual work so the sales executive can focus on generating more sales!

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4. Pipedrive

PipeDrive CRM

Pipedrive is a sales-focused CRM software that teams of all different sizes love utilizing, with 100,000+ paying customers spanning 179 countries.

This specific CRM software prioritizes usability above all else. You can set up your own pipeline stages inside the tool. This pipeline is a visual representation of your sales process and is fully customizable.

You can track progress towards specific goals. Whether in the office or on-site. Pipedrive makes sure you stay updated on deal progress and scheduled activities while driving maximum deals to close.

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5. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot customer relationship management software is made for companies that want to spend less time logging data.

It keeps all your contacts in one centralized and customizable database. And you can see everything about a lead in one place.

This software will grow with your business whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise. Their packaging and pricing are attractable for every kind of business. HubSpot allows you to scale your company, not complexity.
HubSpot has everything you need to grow better.

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6. Freshsales

Freshsales capterra

Freshsales is a sales force automation solution for sales teams.

It provides everything a salesperson needs to attract quality leads, engage in contextual conversations, drive deals with AI-powered insights, and nurture customer relationships.

If you need a tool for your marketing teams to organize customer information, personalize and automate email campaigns, while finding the right sales opportunities, Freshsales is the way to go.

7. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is an excellent entry-level customer relationship management (CRM) tool that scales with your small business’s growth.

This CRM software has a 360º customer relationship lifecycle management solution.
Key features include contact management, sales funnels, pipeline management, workflow automation, AI-powered conversational assistant, task management, managing marketing campaigns, sales forecasting, customer support & service, inventory management, reporting & analytics, and the integration of 500+ popular business apps in a single business system.

For a productivity boost, you can use their customization tools to design your analytics dashboard, for example, and create automation rules such as sending emails after customer calls.

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8. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign CRM

ActiveCampaign offers almost everything you need within a newsletter marketing tool, plus their advanced automations are tough to beat. One of their essential features is marketing automation. You can automate list and contact management, as well as deals. If you decide to use their CRM software.

Their sales pipeline also allows you to add notes to contacts, set up appointments, send direct messages to them, and much more.

By having all your information and activities in one place, you can quickly get a comprehensive picture of how your sales and marketing efforts are performing. Not having to use a different tool for your various digital marketing efforts will definitely save you money and many headaches.

9. Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a CRM system providing sales, marketing, and service functionality.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available for software-as-a-service (SaaS) as well as on-premises complete with a nice user interface for mobile and desktop as well as a technology stack that provide database security.

This CRM tool by Microsoft also offers strong API capabilities to help integrate to your other critical systems. The software is a top-notch solution for growing companies looking to drive further growth. While building and maintaining strong relationships with their customers at scale. 

It offers a comprehensive list of powerful tools, including field service management, human resources, supply chain management and artificial intelligence, etc.
Dynamics 365 is more powerful than other CRMs on the market, it is a top contender for companies that want a 360° solution to take them beyond “small business” relationship management.

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10. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk sell crm


Zendesk Sell is sales CRM software that helps you close more deals. This sales platform tracks all your customer interactions in one unified interface.

It’s distinguished by fast implementation and a very user-friendly platform. This CRM tool gives salespeople the means they need to focus on generating income, regardless of whether they are in the field or in the office.

They also offer mobile applications. These are designed to help salespeople get more done every day while spending less time taking notes and entering data.

The bigger benefit of the Zendesk Sell addition is integration with its current and popular suite of self-service support, analytics, chat, and messaging solutions. This can make Zendesk, in total, an end-to-end customer experience platform for many small and medium-sized enterprises. 

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