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We have thousands of users producing interactivity. Based on their work and results, we scale best practices into templates available for every user. 
No not need to start from scratch and immediately get best of market results. 

Inform better

A shoe and a 360° image

Expand your images, PDFs and videos with additional information, audio, video, embeds and web links to inform clients even better.

This will result in longer session times, lower bounce rate and higher recurring visits.


“SAPO obtained excellent results with shoppable content produced for advertisers and brands. We showed a look in a shoppable video and a detailed overview in interactive images

Joao Pereira, Director Marketing at SAPO

Different interactive options are shown how interactivity can help better inform users
how people can engage with their favorite content leading to better performing lead generation

Engage more

a watch, shoe and bag being part of a PDF

Build up audiences, likes and shares by engaging clients with challenges and  links to your social channels directly from your content.


“’Multipharma managed to increase its traffic volume thanks to interactive ads without having to increase its investments on the Google Display”

J. Engelen Senior performance expert at Upthrust

Collect data easier

a vertical video on a smartphone with a clickable spot on

Seduce clients with triggering campaigns or messages to fill in different types of input fields or forms directly from your content and send it to your CRM. Capturing data was never that easy!


Showing all data on how users interact with your interactive content
showing how efficient interactivity can be for selling online as a popup with a button when clicking on a Spott of a fashion ecommerce image

Sell faster

a watch, shoe and bag being part of a PDF

Reduce the customer journey with direct links to your webshop and the option to add products directly in carts from within your content.

” Spott is a fast-learning and reactive start-up with qualitative customer success management. The Spott technology is the perfect match with our next-level content generation expectations and triggered innovation on our side.”

Davy Vigneron, Conversion & Customer Experience Manager at ColliShop

how Multipharma got +150% on their lead generation

Other interactive Spotts

A video presenting a choice to the user what storyline to choose from when clicking on one of the buttons.


a watch, shoe and bag being part of a PDF

Create interactive stories with videos and images where the viewer can decide the outcome based on different scenario proposals using branching methodology.


Interactive ads

a vertical video on a smartphone with a clickable spot on

Make your ads interactive now and push them directly on the for the Google DV 360 platform


A shoe for sale on an interactive ad from Google

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