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Go beyond using icons and produce best of market interactivity.

Make all of your images, pdfs, ads and videos interactive on scale.

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Spott is the best Thinglink alternative

Interactive Images
Interactive video
Interactive 360° images
Custom icons
Interactive Templates & custom interactivity
Video branching
Interactive PDF
Interactive ads (GDN, DV360, VPAID/VAST)
Product feeds
Dynamic product offering
Shareable link with custom domain
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You can try our solution for free 

but on desktop only

Upload more media

Go further than pdf.
Think images, 360° images, videos and ads.

Use more interactive lay-outs

Save time and create professional looking interactions by customizing the Spott templates from our library. Once created, you can use them over and over again.

Fully branded

Not just the basics.
Apply your complete branding: your own icons, fonts, colour codes and styles. 

More publish options

8 different options going from embeds, URLs, web overlays to Pinterest, GDN, DV360 and VPAID.

Time for interaction now

You can try our solution for free 

but on desktop only