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pay per credit

Our price: € 0.20


Spott runs on credits. You'll only spend one credit per interaction on your interactive content.

So actually it's simple:

  1. Choose a monthly credit volume
  2. Add interactivity to images and videos
  3. Publish the content

Aiming for the stars? Contact us and get premium onboarding and super-fast support (starting at 7500 credits per month).

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What you'll get with Spott:

More sales

Boost your e-commerce site by adding a “shop the look” function. Visitors can easily click the product they like.

Extra leads

Let users subscribe to your newsletter while watching your video. Or why not let them book a meeting?

Less bounces

Interactivity makes content more compelling. Visitors spend more time on your site and (re)-visit more pages.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need credits for?

You make your content interactive to get more clicks, reduce bounces and get more conversions. Our pricing is simple, you just pay one credit per click.

What budget do I need?

You decide on the budget. Once logged in you can subscribe for a monthly volume of credits. If you don’t use all your credits you can use the extra credits in the next months. If you run out, it’s up to you to decide if you want to continue further than your limit or not.

Will my credits expire?

Every credit is valid for 2 years. So don’t worry about saving up credits for a rainy day.

What if I'm out of credits?

Once your account runs out of credits the interactivity on your content will disappear from your website. Don’t worry, you can make sure this won’t happen.

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Wonder what you're missing for not using interactivity? Try our ROI calculator and discover what wonders interactivity can do for you.

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