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Performance-based pricing

We know how to generate value out of interactivity.
We are so sure about it, that we only want to get paid when someone interacts with your content.
Therefore, we work with a interaction system.

You purchase a vast amount of interactions every month.
Only when people start interacting with your content and value gets generated for your business, interactions are used up... Simple

Monthly Yearly (save 2 months)



Increase session times, get more recurrent visits and improve conversion!
€ 49.99
Per month
  • 500 interactions
  • Unlimited Interactive videos and images
  • Multichannel publishing
  • Standard reporting
  • Online help center
  • Online chat support

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Perfect solution to create interactive ads for your top 10 clients.
€ 299.99
Per month
  • 4000 interactions
  • All Essential features
  • Make Google Display campaigns interactive
  • 5 custom style sets
  • Daily product feed updates
  • Remove Spott branding
  • Customer succes manager

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Become an expert and create interactive ads for an unlimited amount of clients.
€ 999.99
Per month
  • 18000 interactions
  • All Professional features
  • Make DV360 campaigns interactive
  • Unlimited custom style sets
  • Hourly product feed updates
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Dedicated customer succes manager

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You can use Spott to create cool stuff like...

Clickable interactive videos Kick-ass interactive images

Frequently asked questions

What do I need interactions for?

You make your content interactive to get more clicks, reduce bounces and get more conversions. Our pricing is simple, you only pay per interaction.

What budget do I need?

You decide on the budget. Once logged in you can subscribe for a monthly volume of interactions. If you don’t use all your interactions you can use the extra interactions in the next months. If you run out, it’s up to you to decide if you want to continue further than your limit or not.

Will my interactions expire?

Every credit is valid for 1 year. So don’t worry about saving up interactions for a rainy day.

What if I'm out of interactions?

Once your account runs out of interactions the interactivity on your content will disappear from your website. Don’t worry, you can make sure this won’t happen.