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Add interactivity to your content

Get more value out of your published content by making it actionable and measurable in a multichannel environment.


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What do we sell

Great marketing exists out of producing inspirational content, ensuring you can target it to the right audience and as a last step ensure seamless conversion based on that inspiration. We allow you optimise that very last step.

Add your media

Import assets

Tag your media

Publish and share

Tag your media

Enrich your images and video using Spott’s media engine, allowing you to fully customize your content for optimal conversion.

Your problem today: interactivity should be different depending on the nature of your content and the goal of your campaign. This can be a cumbersome process that is not scalable and does not offer you the necessary tools allowing the full customisation.

Spott is the only mature SaaS platform allowing full customization on a scalable way based on usage monitoring and -feedback.

Distribute and embed

Publish your interactive content on your own website or on your favourite social media

Business cannot longer force customers to their websites to make a purchase; instead, they should turn every platform into a purchase platform (Microsoft Trends report’19)

Spott allows you to publish interactive content on multiple platforms without the need to produce the interactivity over again for every channel

Linked to your feed

Huge amount of assets? No worries, we got this covered. Link your feed to our platform and retrieve easily all your assets in our integrated library.

Do you have a vast database with multiple languages and where availability & price can change on a daily basis?

We got you covered. You can add your product feed to your Spott account ensuring your visitors always see the correct price in the correct language.

Measure the results

We track every interaction, every single one.

We all know the saying ‘I know that 50% of my marketing works, but I do not know which 50%’.

Using our reporting module, you will know which content, channel and customisation works best for what kind of interaction. Every campaign will directly impact the efficiency of all your future campaigns.

Discover our pricing

No Cure? No pay! We are so sure about it, that we only want to get paid when someone interacts with your content. Therefore, we work with a credit system. One click/interaction equals one credit.


Increase session times, get more recurrent visits and improve conversion!
Billed monthly
  • Up to 500 Clicks a month
  • Unlimited Interactive videos and images
  • Multichannel publishing
  • Online help center
  • Standard reporting
  • Start with a free 7d trail, cancel any time

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Perfect solution to create interactive ads for your top 10 clients.
Billed monthly
  • Everything from Essential
  • Up to 4.000 Clicks a month
  • Interactive Google Display
  • Daily product feed updates
  • 5 custom style sets
  • Access to beta features, best practices & training
  • Online chat support
  • Customer succes manager
  • Start with a free 7d trail, cancel any time

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Become an expert and create interactive ads for an unlimited amount of clients.
Billed monthly
  • Everything from Professional
  • Up to 18.000 Clicks a month
  • Hourly product feed updates
  • Unlimited custom style sets
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Dedicated customer succes manager

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