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A video or a picture no longer needs to be a dead end in your marketing plan. It becomes the start of an engagement, converting attention into interaction.

Trusted by some of the world’s leading brands

“IP is always looking for innovations that increase the relevance of RTL channels’ content to both viewers and brands. By making content and advertising interactive, Spott appears to be the best technology on the market to achieve that objective.”

“Implicit, behavioural data is driving adaptive marketing. Spott captures this implicit data from any kind of video content, making marketing work harder for our clients.”

“At IKEA we have chosen to work with Spott so consumers can interact in an innovative way with their favourite IKEA products. It’s a new way for us to communicate about IKEA, allowing consumers to recognise, find and buy IKEA items through TV ads and TV shows, thanks to Spott”

“Spott is the perfect way to become more engaged with my followers. I always try to keep up with the latest trends and must-haves and my social feed is a reflection of that. People can see the looks that I created with these amazing new items that I bought, but they were never able to shop the look directly from my picture. This was the tool that I was desperately looking for, for quite a while already.”

Julie Vanlommel, Style Influencer

“Brands at Unilever are continuously looking for innovative opportunities in order to increase engagement with their consumers. As we are moving into a video powered society, it is crucial for us to allow consumers to engage and interact with our brands. Understanding the consumer interaction data allows us to get immediate consumer feedback on our brands, our products & our content”

“This month, vtwonen confirms its 360° strategy including an important milestone, the launch of its first interactive television show. Making digital content shoppable is one of the key objectives, besides the vtwonen magazine, webshop and inspirational website. Collaborating with Spott to make our content shoppable and interactive was the logical step to make.”

“NextTECHnow is very excited to have Spott as an official partner of our programme that connects the best emerging adtech scale-ups to Publicis Media clients. In the last few years we have helped facilitate over 200 client funded activations and look forward to seeing Spott’s shoppable content solution bring value to our clients media plans”

Own your consumer journey

Spott for Advertisers

Competition between brands for attention is fiercer than ever, while audiences are getting harder and harder to reach.

Advertising is blocked, ignored or skipped. So how do you get your target audience to pay attention – and take action? Reach your target audience by boosting your digital content strategy and selecting the perfect partners to maximize your ROI.

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Increase engagement & bypass blockers

Spott for Publishers

Your expertise as a publisher is sharing inspiring content with your audience. Vastly increase your impact by making your content interactive and shoppable, so inspiration can directly be converted into activation.

Organically merge content and advertising with interactive videos and pictures to increase engagement and bypass ad blockers.

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Increase viewer loyalty & engagement

Spott for Content Owners

The content production model used to be simple – you create content that audiences want to watch, then show ads to earn money, which you use to produce more content. But when ads are blocked, skipped or ignored the whole system comes crashing down.

Extend the commercial lifetime of your content by increasing the ROI of the included product placements. Get to know your audience better and increase the loyalty and engagement of your viewers by letting them interact with your content.

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