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Invest your money in engaging content that converts!

Improve your sales by making engagement your top priority! Put your content in the Spott-light with our unique interactive tool!

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Stand out from the crowd!

Learn how to increase your conversion with an easy to use online tool! Raise your click rate by using interactive content. And reduce your marketing cost. How? Watch and learn:


Faster conversion process


Your Click-Through Rate


Reduction in Cost per Click

Spott’s benefits

Nothing is more frustrating than expensive online campaigns that deliver no return. Customers are surfing in a sea of beautiful content but they don’t bite.

Take your online marketing to the next level! Boost all persuasive content with the Spott media tools. Your targeted audience looks, finds and buys in one step in less than 2 minutes. Guaranteeing conversion has never been easier. Watch and learn in this video!

Add your media

Import assets

Tag your media

Publish and share

Put a tag on it!

Lazy customers make active sellers. Nevertheless, customers still have to look for the product in that beautiful picture. And that's where they drop out.
Your customer likes to find it quickly. Transform their shopping process using Spott’s media engine. And optimise your conversion!

Fully customised campaigns are a hit with your target audience. Simple to devise, often complicated to implement. It’s not the content that causes difficulties, but the lack of user-friendly tools.

Spott allows you full customization in a scalable way, based on usage monitoring and -feedback.

Divide and rule

Use your interactive content as added value on your website and all social media.

Put the Spott on your products!

Smaller steps for your customer, larger steps in conversion. As in the supermarket, the customer buys more than is on his list. All you need is our Spott tool to fill their shopping baskets.

Spott allows you to publish interactive content on multiple platforms. This is how you transform any platform into a webshop.

Easily linked

No stress! Even with huge amounts of assets you are able to use Spott. Easy as connecting Lego bricks, you link your feed to our platform.

A multilingual database in which supply and prices change daily? No problem, we connect the dots! When you build your Offer Tower, we support you with automatic configuration of your sports account.

To measure is to know

Every interaction counts! That's why we measure every single one of them.

We all know the saying ‘I know that 50% of my marketing works, but I do not know which 50%’.

Create impact with our measuring module. No obscure statistics but detailed work tools to make a difference to future campaigns. A growing learning curve that takes your online marketing to the next level. Create interactive content, go online and obtain a diploma with the highest distinction!

Let's look at the price tag

Easy as that, you build your interactions by paying a monthly fee. For example, if your customers only interact 400 times, you take the remaining 100 with you to the next month. New month, new start of 600 interactions.


Increase session times, get more recurrent visits and improve conversion!
Billed monthly
  • 500 interactions
  • Unlimited Interactive videos and images
  • Multichannel publishing
  • Online help center
  • Standard reporting
  • Start your free 14 days trial! You can cancel anytime.

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Perfect solution to create interactive ads for your top clients.
Billed monthly
  • 4.000 interactions
  • The total ‘Essential’ package
  • Interactive Google Display
  • Daily product feed updates
  • 5 custom style sets
  • Access to beta features, best practices & training
  • Online chat support
  • Customer succes manager
  • Start your free 14 days trial! You can cancel anytime.

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Become an expert and create interactive ads for an unlimited amount of clients.
Per month, billed quarterly
  • 18.000 interactions
  • The total ‘Professional’ package
  • Hourly product feed updates
  • Unlimited custom style sets
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Start your free 14 days trial! You can cancel anytime.

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Video speaks louder than words

Discover why you should use Spott to increase interaction with your customers. One of our happy clients tells you why he dived into the pool of interactive content!

Featured in

Everybody online

Today almost everybody has a second life online. This new dimension determines our communication strategy, our image and, above all, our purchasing behaviour. And even in this dazzlingly fast process there is evolution.

Today we are taking our second life with us everywhere. Our smartphone is our best friend! On that 'little' screen we cover endless kilometers scrolling down. In the case of attractive photos and videos, we take a break to rest. Did you find something you like? Let’s ask Mr. Google where to find it!

This last step is most annoying for all online sellers. When customers ask mister Google where to buy, they get entangled in Google's web. Maybe one of your competitors is willing to pay more to be in Google’s good graces.

Be ahead of them! Use Spott for all your interactive content and skip the Google-step.

All figures in a row


Of the World’s Internet Traffic Will Be Video, by 2021 (Cisco)


Of consumers visit a brand’s social media pages before visiting their website. (Animoto)


Of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media. (Animoto)


Of a message will be retained by customers when obtained via video (Social Media Week)

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