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Produce interactive content based on best practices of more than 5,000 Spott users

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Produce interactive content based on best practices of more than 5,000 Spott users improving website performance, user engagement and conversion.

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Fine, we’ll admit it. We are biased. But they aren’t. Read why other professionals are using and loving Spott.


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"Spott lets us stand out from the crowd with interactive media"



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"Our clients were able to significantly increase engagement with their customers, resulting in more sales"



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"I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to give their audience an interactive experience and sell more"

Deliver an interactive experience in mere minutes

Making your content interactive has never been easier. Our tools give you the power to turn any marketing assets interactive in a couple of clicks, without coding or design skills.

Working with a lot of products? The product feed automatically adds new items and keeps everything up-to-date.

Stand out from the competition

Give your content the attention it deserves

The attention span of your visitors is becoming shorter and shorter every day. If you want your content to be noticed in a sea of digital impressions, it needs interactivity. Even better, interactive image & video content can turn passive attention into active attention.

“Spott is a cutting-edge platform that dramatically increases user engagement and attention with our content”.

Bruce Kraft Jr
CMO & Business Strategist
Put a tag on it

Make it easy

Natural conversion

Your visitor wants to watch your images, videos and folders. You want him to take a specific action. Make it easier for everyone by allowing both at the same time. Easier conversion equals more conversion.

“One of our e-commerce campaigns yielded 2x more conversions with Spott. The tool is very easy to implement and starts delivering ROI from day 1.”

Tim M

Easy to publish

Show the world what you’ve got

Your newly created interactive content is only one click away from being published on your channels of choice, without needing any technical or design knowledge.

"I didn’t even read the documentation and managed to set up interactive videos and photos in less than 15 minutes."

CEO of iZen Digital Media Marketing Agency
Easily Linked

Track everything

Understand Which Content is Driving Results

Delivering the ultimate user experience is not enough. You need to know what works and what doesn’t. Follow the performance of each of your interactive elements and become the most agile marketer in the room.

“Spott also tracks user engagement so it’s easy to determine how effective a campaign is and make changes to increase engagement.”

Dr. Anna Y
Founder and Host of SovereignSouls

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