Multipharma created interactive Google Display ads achieving a +155% CTR rate at -60% lower CPC

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Multipharma statistics
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"'Multipharma managed to increase its traffic volume thanks to interactive ads without having to increase its investments on the Google Display”

About Multipharma

Multipharma is one of the leading players in the pharmacy sector. It offers the sale of products without prescriptions, through its e-commerce, 

Multipharma wishes to strengthen the role of the pharmacist in health care and further develop service and advice. As a cooperative company, Multipharma puts the customer at the center and can count on the strength of their network of 250 pharmacies and the synergy of the expertise of their 1700 employees.

The Challenge

Multipharma uses our interactive content software to publish interactive ads and promotes a selection of pharmacy product lines.

Users interested in Multipharma’s products can interact in a fun way with the Google Display ad and discover the products on promotion, which leads them directly to their site.

The Spott Magic for Multipharma

Multipharma created interactive Google Display ads on the theme of dog products bringing users to the Multipharma site and obtained the following amazing results: 

  • Decreased CPC by 60%
  • Increased CTR by 155%
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