SAPO was a able to send over 60k visitors to their advertisers website

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An overview of the results of SAPO and El Corte Inglès achieving +200% traffic
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"SAPO obtained excellent results with shoppable content produced for advertisers and brands. We showed a look in a shoppable video and a detailed overview in interactive images"

Joao Pereira, Director at SAPO

About Sapo

SAPO, Servidor de Apontadores Portugueses Online, is a brand and affiliate of Altice Portugal. 

It represents a media content and services provider that when founded in 1995 started as a search
engine. Presently, their search engine is powered by Google.

SAPO is a famous media content provider with over a million unique visitors per day. 

The Challenge

SAPO has a lot of inspirational content on their lifestyle blog and wanted to help their fans buy the products in the content, that’s when Spott came into the picture!

Sapo used our interactive software to add shoppable links to videos and images on fashion and lifestyle articles for their client El Corte Inglès with the goal to offer more bottom-of-the-funnel value. 

Goal was to show value based on generated traffic compared to only eyeballs. From then on, for every image and video with El Corte Inglès clothing in there, the visitor could immediately purchase the products with 1 click where he was referred to the El Corte Inglès website with the selected products already in the cart. By implementing such logic, SAPO was able to send over 60k visitors to their advertisers’ website


The Spott Magic for Sapo

SAPO created articles with interactive videos and shoppable images linking to El Corte Ingles (the advertiser) and got these results: 

  • Sapo was able to send over 60K visitors to El Corte Ingles’ (the advertiser) website.
  • El Corte Ingles had an extremely low bounce rate of 19%
  • Visitors spend on average 3 minutes on the advertisers’ site after clicking on SAPO interactive content

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