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Explode your marketing with
interactive content

With Spott you can easily add interactivity to your images and videos.
Feeling creative? Let's have some fun:

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You can use Spott to create cool stuff like...

Clickable interactive videos Kick-ass interactive images

Skyrocket your sales

Let customers buy items directly from your images or videos. Easily add your full product database and watch the magic happen in the data dashboard. Conversion rates rise, marketing effectivity increases and on top of this your content becomes even more awesome. So, what are you waiting for? 

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Explode your leadmachine

Start generating newsletter subscriptions and other leads from your images and videos. With Spott interactive content your visitors will be able to convert without ever leaving your image or video.

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Blow their mind

Creating educational content? Learning is easier with interactivity. You can easily link relevant articles, links or more. The world is your oyster, no need to hold back.

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