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In this article, we elaborate on how to generate traffic from newsletters, YouTube and Pinterest to your website using interactive communication in all of its different forms.

1. Generate traffic from newsletters using interactive communication

We love emails. We love them so much that we send about 2.7 million of them….per second. It is so embedded in our daily routine.
We spend up to 5 hours per day checking our work and private email.
When we say that in media it has become difficult to stand out between all advertising. It is for sure even more the case on newsletters. How do you make sure people spot your email, read it and get inspired in such a way that they click through to your website?

How you can sexy up your newsletter using interactive content

Email limits you to only put 1 URL behind a picture or a gif. As we are all conditioned to give attention to dynamic things, you should always go for gif.
This does not mean you have to transform every image in your newsletter into a gif, but that one article you want everyone to read.
Once you have produced your gif and placed it into your mail, you should put content behind that gif that is a more immersive version of the same content.
Here comes surprisingly enough our Instagram feature in handy. That feature allows you to make a video interactive for Instagram Stories, perfectly scaled for mobile. You can even make an Instagram shoppable video.
The use of interactive communication and content in your newsletter, will certainly generate more traffic to your website, allow better conversion and will boost your future open rates.

2. Generate traffic from Youtube using interactivity

It very much limits the access for 3rd parties to integrate with it as Google needs to keep control on what kind of content is being put on YouTube and how. As a direct impact, it is impossible to naturally ‘blend’ in the interactivity, or interactive communication, on YouTube like other channels allow you to do.

YouTube is one of those few platforms that keep on generating traffic towards your website long after the publishing date.

We see with clients that videos published 2 years ago are still generating hefty traffic. So the most important factor is not the publishing date, but the relevance of the video for the YouTube audience.
The good news is that you do not have to do much and just let YouTube do the work for you!

Adding the interactive content - option one

This is the most straightforward option & does not require any work. You have to place the link beneath the video itself (description box) with a clear CTA “discover the interactive version via this link“.
While it is a very basic option, you can work towards a CTR above 1%. Not bad for just adding a link, right?
A best practice is that occasionally, you mention this in your video. A vlogger we worked with (Pepe’s Office) has seen CTA’s above 10%, while using our interactive video software: Spott! If you want to find out more about using interactive communication while using interactive images and videos, you can click here.

Adding the interactive content - option 2 & 3

These 2 options are after certain qualifications. You would need at least 1.000 subscribers and at least 4.000 hours of watch-time during the last 12 months. You can check this on your Account (top-right corner) -> YouTube Studio -> Analytics.
The first option is the end screen, where you as a creator get the chance to add a subscription button, refer to other videos on your channel, refer to your social media accounts or link another video that isn’t posted on YouTube itself. Below, you can see where you will be able to add the link to your interactive video.
spott interactivity on youtube
The second option is using cards. With this, we refer to the “i”-icon that is seen usually on the top-right corner of your video. They can consist of YouTube videos, polls and external links. You can link the interactive video in the card. So your viewers can easily see and click the link to be redirected, without you needing to point it out.
A big advantage here is that you can put much more information behind every card: instead of just a product link per product link. You can place a complete outfit (assembly of products) behind every card (interactive videos and/or interactive images). This will directly lead to a higher average basket size!

3. Generate traffic from Pinterest using interactive communication

When you would inquire to brand marketers what social media platform they are primarily focussing on. You will find Pinterest not many times to be number 1.
This whilst it is the platform that is most inspiring, is built to function as a conversion tool and when make an interactive experience out of it. It will certainly generate traffic for a much longer time.

Reasons why we love Pinterest

As a result of their clear strategy, a staggering 55% of all Pinterest users shop via the platform. Interestingly, people start planning their purchases 3 months in advance before using other social media channels. This makes Pinterest stands out compared to the rest when it comes to conversion.
Because it is a search platform and not a social media channel(= communication platform), the content published has a much longer lifespan. When benchmarking the traffic generated via social media channels, we see that Pinterest is the most efficient & durable channel to generate traffic from.
For 1 client, they have still more 40% of their social traffic from efforts done almost 2 years ago on Pinterest. On average, one pin generates 6 website-visits, but with the way Pinterest’s Smart Feed works and the combination of re-pins, your original post can keep generating traffic for years upon years!
It is easier to build up the exposure on Pinterest than most of the other channels. When producing relevant content and getting into boards, you can build out a big reach without depending on paid solutions.

Pinterest helps people in a shopping mindset move from inspiration to action

How to use Interactive Communication on Pinterest using Spott?




Now the fun starts!

Once you have added the interactivity, you can track the performance on your Spott dashboard. You can get an overview on plays, product impressions and product clicks per video or tagged product of your interactive communication strategy. Below you can see an example of our Spott dashboard. 
You will have full access to all the data you need to better understand what works and what does not work to take along in future content productions!
Spott dashboard