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TestimonialsDecember 16, 2022

Multipharma created interactive Google Display ads achieving a +155% CTR rate at -60% lower CPC

Multipharma created interactive google display ads achieving a +155% ctr rate at -60% lower cpc by adding pulsating spots to the ads

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TestimonialsDecember 16, 2022

SAPO was a able to send over 60k visitors to their advertisers website

While using Spott, Sapo was able to send over 60K visitors to their advertiser website.

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TestimonialsMay 3, 2022

The Colruyt Case

Read how Colruyt uses Spott and easily put interactive layers on top of existing content.

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Meet the client – ZEB

ZEB is a fashion eCommerce store allowing its users to instantly convert when inspired based on interactive images, videos, and pdfs. As a result, more than 88% of their audience interacts with their content.

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