Top 15 Interactive Video Software & Platforms in 2023

Interactive video example using Spott interactive templates
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Interactive video example using Spott interactive templates

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Good (digital) marketing is about reaching your Ideal Customer on the right moment with the perfect content. Since a few years, the cost of reaching those Ideal Customers has gone up significantly due to the ned to be present on more platforms, pay higher PPCs for your ads and more competition when working on Organic traffic. 

According to Google, you need on average about 11 online touches before a prospect becomes a client.

And that’s where interactivity comes in: by adding interactivity to that perfect content, you allow your user to seamlessly act on that inspiration resulting in longer session times, more recurrent visits, better performing lead generation and a higher average order value.

Video is the best format to inspire your prospects, but also the most expensive one.

Hereby you will see all interactive video platforms ranked on quality reviews on Capterra (Gartner), G2Crowd and Trustpilot and a feature overview. 

1. Spott - 4.8/5


Spott is the only comprehensive interactive content software that allows you to uplift your content strategy as whole and improve it continuously by measuring what works where, when and why. You can produce interactive images, PDFs, lookbooks, videos and ads. These can be published on any website, e-mails, social media and ad platforms. 

It is the best ranked content marketing platform on review websites like Capterra (4.8/5, 80 reviews), G2Crowd, (4.72/5, 77 reviews) Software advice (4.83/5, 72 reviews) and Trustpilot (4.8/5, 72 reviews).

The most important features and need to knows:

  • Multi-content: images, videos, PDFs, lookbooks, ads
  • Multi-platform use: you can publish on unlimited websites, e-mails, ad platforms and social? Plus, we integrated with the 10 biggest video players in the world (so no need to change)
  • Best practices: Spott scales best practices from its users into templates for all users to apply. This way, every user gets the best out of his content from the start
  • Maximize scalability: when you have produced your interactivity, you can save it as a template and reuse it over and over again. 
  • Made for the world: you can link complex product feeds where the correct offering, language and availability gets pushed based on the user who is watching
  • Data to do better: based on real live data, you can see what kind of content, template, webpage and product is best performing and why to further optimize future campaigns.
  • Free trial of 14d where you can do everything and yes, even publishing

Do not hesitate to check out how Polestar, Apple, Sony, Nespresso, Benetton and Arredo Italiano make their content interactive via our Gallery.

Spott pricing:

To start a free trial or learn more about our different licenses, check out our pricing page.

2. Thinglink - 4.8/5

Thinglink offers also an interactive video platform. Besides marketing and communications, the platform has a strong focus on education, e-learning and corporate training through the use of interactivity. The platform doesn’t offer branching or interactive templates.

Time is needed to access the platforms’ full potential especially in their educational context.

The most important features and need to knows: 

  • Interactive (360°) images and videos
  • Limited customization as it focusses on hotspots alone
  • Built-in analytics
  • Posting to social
  • Focus on education & learning
  • No product feeds integration available
Thinglink pricing
Thinglink offers different pricing ranges depending on the use of the content. When we dive deeper into marketing & communications. The pricing starts at $25 monthly for 1 author. When you opt for the Premium Team it’s $125 monthly including the option of 3 authors and the use of 360° images. The Enterprise option costs $450 monthly.

3. Wirewax - 4.5/5

Wirewax interactive video software

Wirewax was one of the first in the market offering qualitative interactive videos. We are a big fan as they originate from a creative studio and are top in producing top notch content for enterprise companies. It is the second best reviewed interactive video solution on the market with 4.5/5.

 See a full feature comparison between Wirewax and Spott.

The most important features and need to knows:

  • Focussed on only video
  • Only available on Vimeo
  • Perfect for 1 video campaign, not for recurrent use as it has limited scalability on reproducing work and to high of a pricing unless you are enterprise level
  • Amazing customization options…everything is possible based on the nature of the content and the desired result
Their 360-degree experiences are unique, though their basic pricing tier is a bit limiting and their enterprise pricing is less transparent.

Wirewax pricing:

Wirewax pricing is categorized into 3 enterprises tiers (T1, T2 and T3) and one small brand tier. The enterprise T1 starts at $1,999 monthly, T2 $4,999 monthly and T3 costs $9,999 monthly.
In summary, the main differences between the enterprise tiers consist of the number of users, the variation of integrations and the ability to view the metrics. The small brand tier starts at $1099 monthly.

4. Kaltura - 4.2/5

kaltura interactive video software
Kaltura is -among other things- an interactive video player, previously known as Rapt. It’s an online platform that primarily offers choice-based features. It consists of adding hotspots to the video to offer multiple choices to viewers.
Aside from clickable CTA, Kaltura is compatible with both mobile and laptop and the player supports a variety of networks. With the Kaltura player, you will be able to view your interactive video on any platform listed.

The most important features and need to knows: 

  • Clickable hotspots and buttons
  • Drag and drop
  • Analytics
Kaltura pricing
The pricing of Kaltura<span ” data-offset-key=”a3lg9-2-0″> is a bit difficult to understand because it depends on your business requirements. But they still offer a 30-day free trial on almost every business package.

5. Cinema8 - not reviewed yet

Cinema8 is an interactive video platform, which supports many kinds of video interactivity and user engagement on linear & 360 videos. The company also has a strong focus on interactive video software for education and adding gamification elements to their videos.

The most important features and need to knows:

  • Add to basket
  • Image/ video
  • Clickable hotspots/buttons
  • 5 different question types
  • Action and conditional action
  • Drag-and-drop functionality

Cinema8 pricing

Cinema8 offers different categories of pricing. Firstly, there’s the starter-package that cost $249 monthly, it consists of 1 brand and 10 included ads. Secondly, there’s the growth-package costs $449 monthly, and has 25 included ads.

At last, there’s the professional-package that contains unlimited interactive ads, and costs $1199. For an enterprise package, you will have to contact the company itself.

6. Wyzowl - not reviewed yet

Wyzowl is different from the other options on this list as they take care of most of the heavy lifting, though their analytics platform makes this a sort of half-service and half-platform hybrid.
Because of its structure, you don’t have internal control over creating the interactive content yourself, though you get the benefit of handing the creation aspect off to professionals. The company does all the background work for you.

The most important features and need to knows: 

  • Site embedding
  • Customizable hotspots
  • Branching feature
  • Ability to make quizzes
  • Professional team
  • Robust analytics platform
Wyzowl pricing
Wyzowl doesn’t list its pricing publically, so you’ll need to use their request form to find out how much your project will cost. When requesting pricing, you’ll need to select “Interactive video”.

7. Verse - not reviewed yet

Verse is a complete interactive video software with a well-rounded set of features, including a unique Q&A feature.
One of the most well-rounded platforms on this list, Verse is a good choice for various features, but the pricing model may not be appropriate for some.

The most important features and need to knows:

  • Clickable tags/hotspots
  • 360° and vertical videos
  • Branching
  • Slideshows
  • Chapter/clickable timelines
  • Interactive Q&A
Verse pricing
Verse’s basic Personal tier is just $100 per month, but it comes with certain limits that will be a no-go for most brands such as no commercial content allowed, no analytics integrations, and just 60 minutes of video uploaded per month. The Professional tier is $1000 per month which contains one brand per subscription and an unlimited video upload per month.

8. Wootag - not reviewed yet

Wootag interactive video software
Wootag is an interactive video software built for ecommerce. They offer features such as clickable tags and conversion tracking to make quantifying your engagements easy.
They don’t offer other interactive features such as branching, so they may or may not be a good fit depending on what you’re looking for. Aside from interactive videos, you can also use Wootag for interactive display ads on Google.

The most important features and need to knows: 

  • Clickable tags and other interactive elements
  • Tracking and analytics
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Easy publishing on all socials
Wootag pricing
Wootag has a free tail of up to 5 videos, with their Business Plan being $99 per month for unlimited videos and up to 1000 interactions. When you’re interested in the Enterprise Plan you will have to contact Wootags’ team.

9. Kerv - not reviewed yet

kerv interactive video software
Kerv is an interactive video software, that generates the most precise metadata which is used to craft the most compelling user experiences for brands as well as audiences. Throughout transformative and seamless commerce.
Kerv’s technology delivers deeper user engagement, improves performance and increases time spent with your brand. To sum up the unique caracteristiques of this interactive platform: the use of AI and Machine learning, which helps you identify objects and scenes in your videos.

The most important features and need to knows:  

  • Drag and drop functionality
  • AI and Machine Learning for the identification of scenes and unique objects in videos
  • Tagging
  • Real-time feedback on how viewers are engaging with objects
  • Embedded code and VPAID distribution
Kerv pricing
The pricing of this software is not mentioned online. When you’re interested you will need to contact the team directly.

10. Smartzer - not reviewed yet

Smartzer interactive video software
Smartzer is an interactive video platform that specializes in offering interactive tagging features through hotspots mostly used in shoppable videos.
It has an intuitive interface that’s easy to use and great geo-targeting features such as multi-language functionality, though they only offer enterprise pricing and have a somewhat limited list of features.

Features include
  • Clickable hotspots
  • Clickable livestreaming
  • Multi-language and multi-currency
  • Publishing on social media, e-commerce, CRM & messaging
  • Analytics
Smartzer pricing
Smartzer doesn’t list its pricing online, so you’ll need to schedule a demo to learn more.

11. Eko - not reviewed yet

eko interactive video software
This software offers an interactive video platform. Eko started with making interactive music videos. Thereafter, they shifted into the world of digital ads and branded content. Nowadays they have interactive video software with a sharp focus on advertising, ecommerce and storytelling.
Eko Studio is most similar to Adventr in its offering of branching interactive video features. Their feature set is very limited, though their platform is free and a decent choice if you’re looking for that specific feature.
Features include
  • Branching
  • Intuitive interface
  • Good for music videos and other entertainment-based content
  • Dashboard


Eko pricing
Because this interactive video software is free to use, some features other interactive video platforms (like Spott) have are not available here. Nevertheless the amazing user-friendly makes up for it.

12. Adventr - not reviewed yet

Adventr is an interactive video software specializing in storytelling features such as branching, allowing for “choose your own adventure” style experiences.
Their feature set is limited to its focus, though it balances this by being one of the more affordable options on this list.
Features include
  • Branching
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Posting to social
  • Built-in analytics
Adventr pricing
Adventr offers several pricing tiers, to begin with is their free Creative tier consist of 10 minutes of video and 2 projects per month.
Their basic paid Pro tier is $29 per month for up to 60 minutes for 4 projects per month while their Business plan is $99 per month for up to 5 hours of video and 10 projects. All these monthly prices are billed annually. Regarding the costs of their Enterprise plan, you’ll need to contact the sales team of Adventr.

13. - not reviewed yet interactive video software helps to create interactive video experiences for business, marketing, training, teaching and learning, as well as film, TV and game projects. The platform is convenient and user-friendly interactive, without coding and heavy production.
Features include
  • Clickable buttons, hotspots
  • Add countdown timers
  • Custom button styles
  • Publish on socials/website
  • Viewer analytics (only starting from Pro-package)


Stornaway pricing
Stornaway offers a free trail-package, so you can create 2 private projects. Besides you have a Plus-package starting from $10 monthly, Pro-package for $29 monthly and a Premium-package for $75 monthly. When interested in the Enterprise-package you have to contact them. The differences between the packages are mostly: the amount of bandwidth of data (starting from 100GB), the number of projects and the option to have viewer analytics.

14. Mindstamp - not reviewed yet

Mindstamp is an interactive video software where you can create personalized video marketing, engaging product videos and training education videos. The big advantage of Mindstamp is its attractive pricing.
Features include
  • Clickable buttons, hotspots
  • Ask interactive questions
  • Add images
  • Analytics & reports of interactions
  • API integrations
Mindstamp pricing
Mindstamp offers discounts for educational companies and non-profits. Other plans include: a starterpack at $15 monthly (billed annually). The Core-package starts at $79 monthly (billed annually). When you are interested in the Enterprise package, you will need to contact them for additional information.

15. Touchcast - not reviewed yet

touchcast interactive video software
TouchCast is a comprehensive video platform with some interactive features such as embedding. It even offers live video functionality, something almost no video platform offers. Nowadays they’re focussing on the Metaverse.
It has one of the most comprehensive sets of features of any video software period, though it’s geared more towards live events and studio production than interactive video, and it comes at a very hefty price. In addition, it doesn’t have some of the more advanced interactive video features of other platforms on this list such as hotspots/tagging.
Features include
  • PDF/link embedding
  • Live video
  • Captions
  • Analytics
  • Performance insights
TouchCast pricing
TouchCast doesn’t list its exact pricing tiers online, though it does mention that all pricing plans start at $50,000 annually, making it the priciest option on this list.

Ready to boost your Engagement and Conversion Rates using interactive video software?

As you can see in an increasingly consumer-controlled market, it’s vital that you give your prospects and customers the interactivity they desire.
Competition is tough, and consumers demanding. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest interactive video technology using Spott’s interactive video software.
You can instantaneously implement interactive elements to your ad and native content marketing campaigns. As a result your engagements and conversion rates will skyrocket.
With Spott, you get a comprehensive tool that allows you to make your video, images, PDFS, catalogs and interactive engaging in a user-friendly platform.
Simply upload your product feed, select the feature you’d like to add and where you’d like to add it, attach an asset such as a product or page link, and you’re done.
Curious about learning more? Simply head to to try Spott for free or book a demo below. 

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